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Thomas Keast emigrated with his family from England in the 1870s to start a new life on a family farm near Macedonia, Iowa. Roughly a century later, Russell Keast followed in the family farming tradition by earning an Agricultural Mechanization degree from Iowa State University and returning to work on the farm. In 1985, Russ also began selling agricultural equipment, and soon became a dealer for numerous farm equipment manufacturers.

Throughout his agriculture career, Russ has supported and sponsored numerous community events and served on the Agriland FS Board of Directors for more than 30 years. Russ has received recognition numerous times for his service and ag industry expertise, including the Ed Kleen Stewardship Memorial Award for outstanding contribution to soil conservation, agriculture, and community in 1992. With over three decades of farming and equipment sales experience, Russ knows how to make a farm operation run smoothly, and he knows how to help every customer choose the right equipment for their particular needs.

Family is also of the utmost importance to Russ. In August 1984, he married his wife Diane, who earned her degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 1990 before transitioning later on to raising three children and assisting Russ in the business. Russ and Diane’s children include two daughters, Allison and Samantha, and one son, Grant.

Allison earned a Family Finance, Housing, and Policy degree from Iowa State University and is now a certified financial planner at Callahan Financial Planning. Allison’s husband, Jonathan, graduated from Iowa State with an Agronomy degree, and now farms with his father. Samantha earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Iowa State in 2016 and married James Parsons in 2017. They now live in Denver, Colorado, where Samantha is a first grade literacy paraprofessional and James is an electronic engineer. Grant is a senior at Iowa State, where he will receive his bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies in May 2019, after which he plans to pursue entrepreneurship in the Midwest.

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Russ and Diane

Russ and Diane Keast

Maintenance team

Maintenance team


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Sales Manager


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Office Manager


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Shop Foreman


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Marketing and Media Specialist